We have a graveyard dating from the sixth century. This is a wooded environment, and a twentieth century cemetery which is more like a meadow. Each area has different flora and fauna. We mow to encourage our wildflowers some of which like short grass and others wild areas. We have 147 identified plants. Some of the most visible and which colour large areas appear in a winter/spring/summer/autumn cycle are: – Crocus and snow drop, primrose and daffodil, orchids, celandines, bluebells, bedstraws, selfheal, birds foot trefoils, dried flowering grasses and fungi.

This means we have to mow in different areas at different times to encourage their growth and also to keep cover for our myriad of insects, invertebrates, mammals and birds.

We have benches outside the church porch and in the cemetery and encourage you to come and sit and contemplate Gods creation.

Reflection area in the new cemetery, a place for relaxation and picnics

Our school are our creation care champions and each year they collect and sow seeds across the cemetery and we respect the wildflowers and the children’s work and do not use weedkillers or strim unnecessarily.